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Oct 21, 2014
T&T - Dalton Narine: A review of Oui Ma Chérie! by Andy Narell

Andy Narell’s new album, Oui ma Chérie!, has arrived with nerve and soul, and pacing and passion. And its mystery and mastery make it all the more engaging.

Judging by the CD’s voluptuous heft, Narell doesn’t appear to be on a mission impossible—an angst to grind, old material or cliches to dig out from under the Panorama; or leftover impulses from his Savannah experience to address. No dark rum from which to take a swig over slights, real or imagined.

Instead, he delivers an operatic performance primed with a Caribbean coloratura.

The fastidious pannist employs colours that are forgotten, refracted; even rented from the imagination, to fashion a mosaic of ideas and sounds.


Oct 21, 2014
Charles Brouwer Band Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival V5

Featuring Martin Buitenweg, Frankie Yanga, Richard Holmond. Hannibal's Revenge composed by Andy Narell