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Jul 26, 2014
Pastiche Steel Ensemble, one of Chicago's premier steelbands featuring experienced panists with graduate degrees in music, is hosting and producing the Virtual Steelband. The idea was brought to the ensemble by one of its past members Mia Gormandy after viewing Eric Whitacre's "Virtual Choir." Other Pastiche members including Yuko Asada, Abe Breiling, and Scott McConnell latched on to the idea, and they all later formed a committee to produce the Virtual Steelband.

How it works
Pan players around the world will record themselves playing an original composition, "Bella Vista", composed by Steelpan Professor Liam Teague. Each musician will perform Teague's composition using a prerecorded version by Pastiche Steel Ensemble as a base. This will allow each performance to follow a specific tempo marking and dynamic level, which will make the merging of each video a seamless one. These recordings will then be uploaded to YouTube and combined by a sound and video engineer to form the Virtual Steelband.

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Virtual Steelband

Jul 29, 2014
Juma Steel Orchestra - O Sole Mio