Expired: Antiguan panist grabs number two spot in international pan competition

AG – Antiguan and Barbuda’s very own Khan Cordice emerged as the second place winner of the international pan competition known as Pan Ramajay.

Over the weekend, Cordice went head to head with 10 talented musicians from all over the world, falling only 8 points short of defeating the United States of America’s, Andre White.

Nevertheless, the musician told Observer that he sees this as a major accomplishment.

“I was elated, To come second to Andre White who is an amazing musician is still something that we should be thankful for; to be able to place second in an international competition with a lot of great musicians, a lot of amazing musicians,” he remarked.

The steel pan composer’s improvisational rendition of “Rock With You” wowed the judges and earned him a top spot, but had he a choice, he said that that would not have been his first pick.

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