Big bands prepping for Panorama as song selections are revealed

TT – The country’s top steelbands are getting ready for Panorama 2019 with many looking to wrest the title from reigning champs BP Renegades.

While some are still holding their song selection close to their chest, a few have already revealed what they will be playing as practice begins in panyards across the country.

On Friday, some of the big bands revealed the songs they will be competing with for the annual competition.

In a video presentation, Renegades revealed that it will be going with Farmer Nappy’s popular release ‘Hooking Meh’, the same selection as Supernovas.

Exodus arranger Pelham Goddard announced to his players on Friday night that they will be playing Superblue’s ‘Rag Storm’.

Also on Friday night, Hadco Phase II Pan Groove held a launch at is panyard to reveal that the band has chosen Swappi and Ultimate Reject’s ‘Party Start’.

At the event, legendary arranger Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe thanked their sponsors Hadco for assisting the band while Manager Michelle Huggins-Watts promised to bring the Panorama title back to the band.

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