Expired: Boogsie out to win panorama, drops Nailah’s song in favor of Hello

TT – Young soca artiste Nailah Blackman, at two events last weekend, expressed disappointment that Phase II Pan Groove was no longer playing her song Sokah for the National Panorama competition this year.

At the Soka and Ice cooler cruise aboard the Harbour Master and later at the Hakwai Clan City cooler fete at the Government Campus Plaza on Saturday night, Blackman told patrons: “Phase II Pan Groove has cut our honeymoon a little short and they will no longer be performing my song for Panorama. I want to send Mr Len Boogsie Sharpe a little message. I want to see the most vibes I’ve ever seen with you singing ‘Sokah till I Die’ from the back to the front. Sokah will never die.”

An equally disappointed Sharpe told Newsday, while he started arranging Blackman’s song for the band because of a verbal agreement, he never signed any contract with the singer.

“While in the pan yard for Christmas, I heard Kees Dieffenthaller’s Hello (on the Folklore Riddim) and immediately it took over my mind, body and soul. That is kaiso, so I end up starting the song.”

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