Boogsie: ‘That’s his opinion!’

TT – Ace arranger and pannist Len “Boogsie” Sharpe was unrepentant yesterday following criticisms by Fonclaire manager Milton “Wire” Austin, who thought Boogsie made disrespectful remarks during the funeral of fellow arranger, composer and player Ken “Professor” Philmore.

Wire had accused Boogsie of “coming to the man’s funeral to politick. Boogsie has no respect for the dead,” he said. “He was totally out of place. He should have known better.”

But a defiant Boogsie shot back: “That’s no politics. I always talk my mind anywhere, so that’s his opinion. I always talk for the better for pan, not politics, because the whole situation with pan has got to change. I believe we should do something new for that change.”

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