Commentary: ‘Thiefing’ judges

GD – The Grenada festival, officially titled “Spicemas”, is over and prizes valued at more than EC$1 million have been distributed to the top finishers of this year’s carnival. Hearty congratulations to all the winners!

Many others have congratulated the winners; some that have done so, I’m certain, have not extended the commendation with any degree of sincerity, but because it’s the polite and “politically correct” thing to do. Privately and within earshot of their most trusted confidantes of family and close friends, they bitch about “thiefing” judges and quietly harbour a litany of complaints and grudges, which they’ll carry into the next season of carnival.

The idea of “thiefing” judges, in my opinion, is absolutely absurd. For “thiefing” to be effected successfully in any carnival competition, it would require collusion at a level deeper and wider and greater than what is alleged between the Russians and the 2016 election campaign team of now US President Donald J. Trump.

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