Dubai welcomes Trini steel

TT – The steelpan will take centre stage at the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 carded to run from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

Both the tenor pan and the PHI electronic steel pan will be featured at the event. The six-month multicultural extravaganza, which will feature creative and business presentations from 193 countries, comes off one year later than originally planned because of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Music promoter Simeon Sandiford, a designated business representative for the T&T Pavilion at the expo, said it presents a unique opportunity to have over 25 million people interact with the pan in person and millions more virtually.

“The whole world will be there virtual and in real. They expect about 25 million people to go through (the expo) over the next six months. The pan will be there with sticks so people can play. We have people on the ground that will be manning the pavilion,” Sandiford said during a phone interview with the Kitcharee on Friday.

Sandiford, owner of popular music store Sanch Electronix, said he was pleased to discover that T&T pannist Earl Brooks Jr has been booked to perform at the expo. A member of the Steelpan Tuner’s Guild, Sandiford, says he has already spoken to Brooks Jr, a former student of his Pan In Education programme, about making stops at the T&T booth to deliver live demonstrations to visitors.

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