Gregory Boyd to give concert in Minsk

17th March 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Belarusian State Philharmonic Society
Nezavisimosty Avenue, 220005, Minsk

Gregory Boyd, a jazz musician from Denmark, will give a concert in the Belarusian State Philharmonic. “The concert of Gregory Boyd is a unique opportunity to hear unusual world-class music performed by a sincere, charismatic, and talented musician. He will play his own hit songs composed in the best traditions of the Afro-American jazz, funk, blues and soul, and also classics of the American jazz while interacting with the audience and inviting them to sing along and become co-authors of his music,” the philharmonic representatives noted. Gregory Boyd possesses a low voice typical of Afro-American jazzmen, but he can also hit high notes using vocal techniques which are more characteristic of the blues manner. He changes the manner of singing several times in one song giving it a sense of improvisation. Gregory Boyd is also a multi-instrumentalist. He plays the piano and the steelpan which looks like a big steel pan but sounds like a soft tune of an electric piano. One can only listen to such a combination of archaic classics, exotic ethnic music, and modern electronics at rare avant-garde concerts. The music which the jazzman writes himself resembles the classic New Orleans jazz. “Gregory Boys stresses the rhythm section. Sometimes we may hear only his voice and a steelpan as a percussion. But starting from this minimalism he often develops the composition, involving more and more musicians. Such a manner allows him to combine the early orchestral New Orleans jazz and the late ‘hot’ jazz which is characterized by a solo improvisation,” the philharmonic representatives said.