Launch of Kaiso Lime 2018

5th May 2018 @ 7:00 pm
The Tabernacle
Powis Square
London W11 7AY

Talk Yuh Talk KAISO LIME is celebrating its 5th year . Both Dexter Kahn (Cocoyea ) and Michael La Rose (Savannah View) want to thank you for your support and look forward to another fantastic season of live Kaiso performances at the KAISO LIME every month.

It was the Windrush generation that established Caribbean Carnivals all over Britain from Nottiing Hill to Leeds. On the 70th anniversary of the docking of SS Windrush at Tilbury in 1948 we in KAISO LIME dedicate our first show in 2018 to the strength and struggles of the Windrush generation. Over the years they and their British-born descendants have made a tremendous contribution to change and develop Britain in to a vibrant and diverse place . Yet the British government and authorities have shown little gratitude or respect over the years. The Conservative British Government has recently shown its old ways with its treatment of the Windrush descendants over citizenship

The theme of the launch of KAISO LIME in 2018 is

The Journey: A Celebration of the heroic Windrush Generation.

This evening of live KAISO performances and music which will include Tobago Crusoe, Alexander D Great, Giselle, Shawn Caribbean, Pan Fever (Justin Redz Richardson), Congas and Cyril “Scratcherman” Khomai.

Classic Soca tunes from Soca Masssive, DJ Fate and Zoomer D.

Drinks and Caribbean food at the bar.

KAISO LIME is on the first Saturday of every month (May to November) with local, international and guest artistes.