Flabej to face judges tonight

TT – For the first time in over three decades, the Flabej Now Ensemble will be eligible to officially enter the Panorama competition.

John “Poison” Douglas, manager for the steelband, has invited everyone to their Pembroke Street, Port of Spain pan yard to visit when Panorama judges visit their yard tonight around 8 pm.

Arranged by band member, Roger Charles, the steelband will play Tension by The Mighty Shadow as a tribute to the late calypsonian.

Douglas explained that Flabej played in the Panorama semi-finals before but because the small band never had enough players, it could not enter the competition. This year however, he had the required minimum of 40 players.

“I think our chances are very good. It’s young people but they are very skilful and they are musically literate. They have a real chance of going to the next level and even to the last leg.”