Expired: From Point Fortin to Woodbrook

TT – Fun in the nation’s cultural capital Tens of thousands of fun-seeking people from home and abroad descended on the Borough of Point Fortin last weekend for the J’Ouvert and Pan on the Move events. From as early as the preceding Thursday, the Borough was pulsating with music with a plethora of activity, including the crowning of a new Miss Borough of Point Fortin, Republic Bank’s Pan on de Parkway, the annual Liverpool fete and a bumper calypso show.

An amazing aspect of the Point Fortin Borough Day Festival is that several nationals forego visiting for carnival opting instead to come for the Point event.

In a demonstration of the vitality of Point Fortin’s community spirit, crowds of spectators flocked to the Techier Main Road on the evening of Thursday, for Republic Bank’s annual, Pan on de Parkway lime, which is hosted in conjunction with Point Fortin’s Borough Day Festival.

The event, which takes place outside the Republic Bank Point Fortin Branch, is intended to be an opportunity for the people of T&T to come together in support of the Point Fortin community and in appreciation of our national instrument.

Over the years, it has grown to attract supporters from not only T&T but from across the world as well, and is now a mainstay of Point Fortin’s Borough Day celebrations.

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