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Jun 15, 2009

Pamberi - Style & Class on European Tour

Pamberi Steel Orchestra's concert @ The Panyard Bern

Big thanks go to Paul Francis and his Panyard team for organizing this concert!
I hope the band enjoyed that splendid evening in Bern as much as we did - and WE DID, INDEED! Pamberi is unique in so far as they do not only play well-known pan classics and catchy tunes. Their repertoire includes brandnew stuff, exciting songs composed and arranged by several band members.

They're back in Paris now, recording their next CD, that's certainly something to look forward to! If you can't wait you can legally download their latest release 'The Best of Pamberi' at According to their tour manager Arnaud Teyssier, they plan to visit Europe again in 2010 - good to know, isn't it?