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Feb 23, 2015

President Carmona on Ghana stamp

T&T - Souvenir postage stamps bearing the images of President Anthony Carmona, Pope Francis and a steelpan between them were released last year March in Ghana.

Source: Newsday

This according to a release from Albert Sydney of the Trinidad and Tobago Philatelic Society and reported in this weekend’s issue of the Catholic News.

In July, 2013, President Carmona and his family visited the Vatican - he presented Pope Francis with a gift of the national instrument.

The historic occasion which was captured on film went around the world.

According to the report carried in the Catholic News, the Ghanaian postal authority paid tribute to Pope Francis by way of a commemorative stamp which featured the once in a lifetime photo featuring President Carmona holding two pansticks and showing the Pope how it is done in the land of steelband.

The commemorative postage stamp with the Pope, President and the steelpan was one of four commemorative stamp sets issued in Ghana - the others were two of Pope Francis and one of Pope Francis and the former Italian Prime Minister.

The stamp is said to have cost Ghanaians $2.75 ($4.96 TT) and was released last March 19. But Ghana was not the only country using the image of the President on the stamp as a tribute to the Pope.

Grenada, Cariacou and Petit Martinique also released a set of four stamps, the society reported and among them again was one of President Carmona greeting Pope Francis in the Vatican. That set was released June last year and cost EC $3.25 ($7.62 TT), it can also be found for sale on EBAY for £5.76.