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Aug 2, 2015

Creation af a French Federation of Steelbands: "Steelbands en France"

FR - France has steelbands since several decades now. They were first adopted in the French West Indian community (from Martinique and Guadeloupe), and are more widely spread since the 90s. However, beside a mailing-list gathering most of the actors (215 members), France never had any kind of formal organization.

Stimulated by the need of an official representation at the international level, a set of french steelbands has decided to create a federation. We are delightet to officialize the launch of "Steelbands en France" association. The founding meeting was held in Arcueil the 17/05/2015, and it was officially registered the 25/07/2015.

It is made up of a federation of associations and structures dedicated to the development and promotion of the pan and Trinidad & Tobago music.

The web site address is

Dr. Aurélie Helmlinger, secretary of the association, will represent "Steelbands en France" at the first International Conference and Panorama 2015 in Trinidad & Tobago.

The board of directors and founding members are:
Arc en ciel (Les allumés du bidon) represented by Jean Duval
Calyps' Atlantic represented by Mokhtar El Mokhtari
Calypsud represented by Laura Trouchaud
Calypsociation represented by Paloma Bertrand
D.n'roy / La Philharmonie represented by Xavier Mertian
Kaducia represented by Alain Rouaud
Ramajay Steelband represented by Aurélie Helmlinger
Pan à Paname represented by Guillaume Kervel
Pan 'n' co represented by Bérengère Rortais
So'Calypso represented by Fanny Broueilh

The directing committee is composed by:
President Mokhtar El Mokhtari
Vice president Béreng`re Rortais
Treasurer Guillaume Kervel
Assistant treasurer Jean Duval
Secretary Aurélie Helmlinger
Assistant secretary Paloma Bertrand