International News

Mar 13, 2017

Pan Trinbago lashes out at NCC cabal

T&T - Pan Trinbago has lashed out at the National Carnival Commission (NCC), referring to it as a cabal and accusing it of staging a hostile takeover. In a lengthy and hard-hitting statement signed by public relations officer Michael Joseph and posted to Pan on the Net, the steelband body said it is the three Carnival interest groups that are under attack. “The NCC has lost its moorings as facilitator, and have created a debacle within our Carnival. Why? Because they choose to show gross disrespect to the Carnival Interest Groups. A lot of people are not seeing that it is not only Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C., but the three main interest groups in the Carnival, that are under serious attack (Afro-centric groups). Those who represent the interest of those who make the Carnival, Mas, Calypso/Chutney/Soca and the Steelpan as the foundation, are facing a hostile takeover.”