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Apr 9, 2017

There has been a significant Guyanese contribution to steel pan technology

GY - Letter: I was pleased to read, if belatedly, the Wednesday, February 22, Stabroek News editorial headed ‘Pan-O-Rama.’ As a member of the steel pan fraternity, I must say that while much of it was okay, I found some key points to be both extremely misleading and disturbing. O P Steelpan (Music) Nation, of which I am the founder/proprietor is a full service establishment, the leading supplier of quality steel pans and accessories for over thirty-five years. Our clients are both local (Allied Arts Unit, Ministry of Education, churches, private schools, community groups, individuals) and foreign from the USA, Barbados, Brazil, Belize and French Guiana. We are currently negotiating an order to supply our products to the Bahamas.

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