International News

Aug 15, 2017

Pan on the Promenade

T&T - The Brian Lara Promenade was alive with the sound of pan music when Pan Trinbago hosted an exhibition on Friday last. Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz expressed hope the event would promote appreciation for the national instrument and knowledge about its past. When asked about the choice of location, he said, “We realise every person passing by stops to watch...women, children, those on their way to work.” The exhibition showcased the craftsmanship of pans made here from the early 1950s to present. Previously, the country imported drums but the exhibition highlighted a new variety of patented pans specially made here which Diaz described as “our inventions, made from scratch”. He also explained there is a great difference between regular drums and the new pans which are louder, more powerful and more durable because of the difference in steel used. He gave the example that that the 27-inch drum has the volume of three pans.