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Sep 7, 2017

The GQ Arrangers... three competitive collaborators

T&T - Saturday night’s Brooklyn Panorama had to be postponed because of rain and in the end the seven bands were not judged but rather played their hearts out for enthusiastic pan fans on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Sadly, Philly Pan Starts could not perform with the delay and many of the bands had players who could not attend. The bands ended up performing on the side of the stage, allowing the audience to hear fabulous acoustic pan music up close. What was to be a heated competition became an outstanding concert. Two of the steelbands had arrangers who have collaborated regularly over the past few years: Odie Franklin, the arranger for Despers USA for the last several years, and Kendall Williams, currently the arranger for Brooklyn’s CASYM orchestra and formally the arranger for CrossFire for several years. Indeed, they are two-thirds of a trio of arrangers who have been making quite a name for themselves collaborating on Panorama arrangements not in Brooklyn but in Trinidad and Toronto.