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May 2, 2003
USA - Should Americans hold the patent for a production process used by Trinis?
Mar 24, 2003
USA - When Harvey Price and George Whitmyre recognized that there is great demand for steel pans - also known as Caribbean steel drums - they took a proactive approach to solving the problem by setting out to discover a new process for making them. Whitmyre, laboratory manager in the Department of Chemical Engineering, said it was their lack of knowledge about how steel pans are made that actually helped them to discover a new way of making them. The result? Price, assistant professor of music, and Whitmyre have developed the first successful machine process that allows steel pans to be made entirely of stainless steel.
Jul 1, 2002
The surge in international popularity of Trinidad's music of the poor made on the steel drums. By Celia Sankar, July 1, 1997
Jul 17, 2001
Writer unknown, taken from a photocopy made in 1980 by Ralph Richardson

Jul 31, 2000

Printed by Prospect printing Plant, year unknown (approx. 1970)

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