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Mar 23, 2004
LP 1974 Batti Mamzelle "I See The Light"
Mar 7, 2004

In Trinidad, the steel drum was created through a curious twist of fate. For the island's pan men who have spent a lifetime playing it, there has never been a more note-worthy accident.

Jan 4, 2004
Gary Gibson's online photo journal while he was in Trinidad, playing with the champion steel drum orchestra EXODUS in the 2004 Panorama National steelband competition.

Nov 3, 2003
T&T - Every stage of pan research and development requires close collaboration between tuners, scientists and scholars attached to other disciplines. In the many instances where the language of any one group is alien to another, the process is slowed. It was expressed as anxiety by veteran pannists at last months International Conference on the Science and Technology of the Steelpan.
Nov 2, 2003
T&T - The importation of entire steel orchestras for the recently-concluded World Steelband Music Festival triggered a long and highly participatory discussion about the standardisation of instruments, at the final session of the International Conference on Science and Technology of the Steelpan. The issue was not listed on the programme, but somehow sprung from the topic, What Constitutes a Good Pan?, and dominated the available time, as people representing special interests leapt to the microphone to sing the praises of their preferred styles, while the scientists examined some more complex considerations.
Nov 1, 2003
T&T - There are those who prefer electronic pick-up systems of a particular design when it comes time to amplify a lead pan with microphones that collect ambient noise - using science without any investigation of precisely how it works. More often than not, the microphone favours certain frequency ranges at the expense of others, dependent on its positioning in relation to the instrument. Seldom are errors corrected from the engineering console during performance, for fear that the fixing of one problem might cause another and worsen the overall sound.
Oct 31, 2003
T&T - Bertie Marshall has historically enjoyed ultimate respect from the pan fraternity for his every innovation or endorsement, not the least of which was the concept of sheltering delicate pans and dedicated players under canopies. There are those who confer this dubious credit on Tony Williams of the Pan Am North Stars Steel Orchestra. However, scientific opinion coming to light recently, indicates that whoever was initially responsible for the installation of canopies might have inadvertently overstated their usefulness.
Oct 26, 2003
Portable steel drums and carrier
Issued by Matthews Wheeler, Seneca SC
Oct 18, 2003

T&T - Sticks in focus at pan talks; Panch plays sixth at tonight's semis; Foreign bands cry foul

Sep 22, 2003
The Instructor Dependency Model vs. The Teacher Transferency Model
Paper by Lionel McCalman

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