Articles & Papers

Pan: The Instrument that built a Nation
A sociological journey through sound
by Kim Johnson
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Achieving Sustainability in our Music for the Steelband
Securing our Steelband traditions
by Mark Loquan
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Words of Steel: Pete Seeger and the U.S. Navy Steel Band
Early History of Pan in the USA
by Andrew Martin
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Lies and Distortions of Pan
by Bukka Rennie
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Orchestras of Steel: Local Phenomenon, National Movement,
International Intrigue

by Scott Smallwood
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Testing the influence of the group for the memorisation of repertoire in Trinidad and Tobago steelbands
by Aurélie Helmlinger
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Finding an 'equal' place: How the designation of the steelpan as the national instrument heightened identity relations in Trinidad & Tobago
PhD Dissertation by Daina Lorraine Nathaniel
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Pan Life
Transformation in Trinidadian-American Steelband Culture
by Scott T. Smallwood, Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University
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German: Die Steelpan auf Trinidad
Ein Balanceakt zwischen Touristenattraktion, kulturellem Erbe und zeitgenössischer Musikalität
Vorgelegt von Silvia Koch
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French: Geste Individuel, Mémoire Collective
Le jeu du pan dans les steelbands de Trinidad & Tobago
by Aurélie Helmlinger
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Steelpan, Caribbean Identity and Culturally Relevant Adult Programs
by Jean Walroud
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Steelband Music in Trinidad and Tobago
The Creation of a People's Music
by William R. Aho, Ph. D.
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Steelbands in Schools
The Instructor Dependency Model vs. the Teacher Transferency Model
by Lionel McCalman
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Steelbands in Switzerland
Meeting the needs of the 21st century
by Lionel McCalman
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The Economics of Bacchanal
The economic impact of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
by Dr. Keith Nurse
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Expanding the Role of the Steel Drum Band
It's not just another Percussion Ensemble
by Scott Harris
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White College Boy Steelbands in 1950s Trinidad
How middle-class Teenagers helped the steelpan gain national acceptance
by DeLamater, Elizabeth, D.M.A. Arizona State University
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Steel Bands in American Schools:
What They Are, What They Do, and Why They're Growing!
Steel drum ensembles promote multicultural education and attract a wide range of students.
Music Educators Journal, March 2008 by Kenyon Williams

The function of classical music in the development of the steelpan and its music
Evaluation of an interview with pan-pioneer, arranger and tuner Anthony Williams
by Frauke Lühning, University of Amsterdam

If Yuh Iron Good, Yuh Is King
Perspectives on Pan
By Dr. Kim Johnson

Forty years in the steelbands 1939-1979
by George Goddard

Steelband: The Winston "Spree" Simon story
by Anthony Mark Jones

History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago
By Eric Williams

Ray Holman and the Changing Role of the Steelband 1957-72
by Shannon Dudley

Steel Bands of Trinidad and Tobago
Information folder incl. CD
by Simeon L. Sandiford

The steelband "own tune"
Nationalism, Festivity, and Musical Strategies in Trinidad's Panorama competition.
An article from Black Music Research Journal, by Shannon Dudley

Steelband Music Festivals 1952-1989
by Gideon Maxime

History of Steelband Panorama 1963-1990 of Trinidad and Tobago
by Gideon Maxime

From congo drum to steelband
A socio-historical account of the emergence and the evolution of the Trinidad
steel orchestra, by J. D. Elder

Steelbands Move from Lobby to Concert
An article from Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada, by William Doyle-Marshall

The Steelband
A new dimension in music in the twentieth century, by G. A. Prospect

Vincent de Souza's story of the earliest beginnings of the steelband
by Bernard Lange

A Descriptive Study of a Canadian Elementary Educator's Experience
with the Trinidad Tradition of Steelband

by Francine L. Morin, University of North Dakota

Authentic facts on the origin of the steelband
by Antony E. Rouff

Tagarigua's contribution to the evolution of the steelband phenomenon in Trinidad and Tobago
by Panriga

The advent of the steelband and my life and times with it
by John Slater

Music in the Caribbean
by John Sealey and Krister Malm

Trinidad: Carnaval, Steelbands, Calypso
by Daniel Verba

Steelbands and Reggae
by Paul Farmer