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Hameed Shaqq ( Toronto, ON, Canada )
Thanks for your activism on the steelpan, our passion as our blood. Your web-site is very informative with regards to information. I have written a SPEED proposal and have used your site as a point of reference, especially on the Steelpan Hall of Fame, keep up the action, my students can always refer to your great illustration of Steelpan on a global basis. Thanks Hameed
Wayne McDaniel ( Tampa, Florida , America )
Greetings Monix... Panorama 2K17 is almost here. I have heard all the arrangements and of course I favor my band Phase II Pan Groove with "Red, White and Black. However I really like Renegades playing "Good Morning" which is played by 4 other bands. It will be a great Panorama this year. I want to see the Semi-Final results. I hope that Phase II makes it. "Boogsie's" tune is arranged by the Mozart of Pan.
Ian Franklin ( Florida , USA )
Dear Monica,
Thanks for featuring our Entity, Lauderhill Steel Ensemble's winning panorama piece, "Big People Party" at the Florida Panorama which was held in Ft. Lauderdale on October 8th, 2016. Today's date is 22th of October.
Hameed Shaqq ( Canada , CANADA )
Greetings, I trust all is well. I am writing you this letter in regards to the International conference on Pan in Trinidad. I am know in Toronto as The Pan Piper, I have submitted a proposal to the Committee in Trinidad for the Conference in August entitled Anthony Williams for the Nobel Prize in Physics. I am seeking some overviews to the proposal, I do have some references to this subject on my web-site The visons of creating the spider web changed the game. I seek the support of the Steelpan community everywhere to make this a reality. I, as student of Socio-cultural Anthropology have done research on the origins of instruments and music. I hope that your excellent Steelpan Media will be there in August, this is a very positive move for Pan on the international level, where the entire international interest in Pan can show their expertise and contribution to Steelpan as a whole.
Best Regards Hameed Shaqq
Wayne McDaniel ( Tampa, Florida , USA )
Ah yes.... now I understand how the Panorama judging is done. Massy All Stars is a "Show" band and Phase II is a "Performance" band. By the way my wife's maiden name is Massy...(LOL). Monix this is a "most informative source" for Steelband News. Thank You for maintaining Pan Jumbie.
Wayne McDaniel ( Tampa, Florida , USA )
Once again Phase II Pan Groove was cheated from becoming the winner of the 2015 Panorama Finals. All Stars, the winner was good but in my opinion; Phase II Pan Groove was much better. Now I have to wait another 3 years for my band, Phase II to get a hat-trick aka "three-peat". The only Steelband to ever have a hat-trick is Renegades ('95,'96,and '97). In '97 Renegades won by a half point, Phase II was 2nd.