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Wayne McDaniel ( Tampa,Florida , USA )
Where can I purchase the latest CD by Calypsociation called "Pan People"?

PJ: At
Robert ( Germany )
This site looks very nice! best regards Robert
Bill Smith ( USA )
We're grateful for your support. Looking forward to a very useful and enjoyable event.
All he best to the Pan-Jumbie camp!

Steelpan Tuning Academy
Ronald Matthews ( Caribbean , Trinidad & Tobago )
Just glad to be a part of the global pan family and have info of what's going on around the world at my fingertips.
bigsands ( London , UK )
Steel band music gets better and better each year. All the main websites are upgrading their services and there are more steel bands available for hire. Fantastic!
Wayne McDaniel ( Tampa, Florida , USA )
So much BACHANNAL fuh dis year's Panorama..... All Stars played first, Exodus played second........ All Stars won.... Exodus came second..... I was in the VIP section at the Grand Stand.... I saw something else..... Plenty, Plenty, BACHANNAL.