Instruments, Supplies & Services

E.T. Panworks Esa Tervala, pan builder/tuner
Maracas Sticks Preiswerte Carbon, Glasfaser, Holz & Silent Sticks für alle Pan Instrumente
Panorama Steeldrums Instruments, Tunings (Tony Charles)
RHYTHMICS Percussion soft heads for pan sticks
Scarlet Roots Pan Company Instruments, Accessories, Tunings (Rudy Smith)
Allan Poteon
E.C.S. Steeldrums
Klaas Lokoschus 
Steeldrum Cramer
Ari Viitanen pan builder/tuner in Finland
Kino Caribbean Steel-Pans pan builder/tuner in Amersfoort, Netherlands
Metal Sounds in Verfeil, France importing steelpans from Gills Pan Shop Curepe T&T
Philippe Maignaut Steeldrums pan builder/tuner in France
Rudy Smith pan builder/tuner in Denmark
Simo Tiainen pan builder/tuner in Finland
Steelband Shop Holland
Hardcase from soprano through to bass pans
Le Blond Musical Instrument Cases
Newcaste Drum Centre Hardcases, Accessories, Pans
Norman Stewart
Pan Sensation
Pan Stream
Pantraders Slough West Indian Peoples Enterprise
Steelpan International
Toussaint Clarke

Pans also available from: (check your local directory or ask BAS)
Dudley Dickson, Tony Charles, Terry Noel, Aubrey Bryan, Riley Maynard, Victor Philip (Coventry), Leroy Sylvester (Leeds), Roosevelt Watts (M'ter)

Top Tip:
Several schools in particular are buying pans which may not stand up well to school usage. One of the main problems is thickness of metal. Pans for school use should be 1.1 or 1.2mm thick (this is often stamped somewhere on the pan). So specify this when you order and do not accept pans made from thinner materials. Steelbands North produce leaflets giving advice in buying, maintaining and insuring pans which can be requested by email at:
Cool Stixx
Steelpan Plus
Steelpans Direct
United States
Barracuda Steel Drums
Canal Rubber Supply Company for all your rubber needs
Carl A. Chase Steelpan Maker and Tuner
CoolStixx Sticks, Stands, Pan Lights
Coyle Drums
Esworth Christmas in Houston, TX #713-370-0079
Darren Dyke
Dave's Island Instruments
Definite Pitch Steel Pans
DJM Music Ltd. Steel Pan Accessories
Electric Steel Drums Inc.
Fancy Pans
Key Largo Steel Drums
Kyle Dunleavy Steel Drums
MalletMan standard and customized for all your mallet needs, stands, cases
Mannette Musical Instruments  
McCabee Panworks
Palm Beach Steel Drums 46" Pan 
Pan Tuner Steve Lawrie
panKAT Midi Pan Controller
Pantheon Steel Drums
Panyard Inc.
Peterson Strobe Tuners
R. Glenn Rowsey Pans and Pan Repair
Rhythmical Steel Tools & Equipment for Pan Builders/Tuners
Rockcreek Steel Drums - Kevin Martin
Smarty Pans Music
SKB Cases Pan Cases (covered by a Million Mile Guaranty)
Solomon Steelpan Company Grooveless™, 24k gold skirted series
Steel Drum Express
Steel Drum Mallets
Steel Drum Shop
Steel Drum Source
Steel Drums Unlimited
Steel Island
Steel of the Night
Steeldrums Trainings Center
Steelpan Store Matt Potts
Steve Weiss Music
Tropical Hammer Steel Drum Crafters
Wetzel Pan Stand Lift and Lock Steelpan Stands
Charles Moller
CosmoPan Musical Instruments
Lennox Jordan at
The Drum Shop Newcastle
Watershed Steelpans
Trinidad & Tobago
Gills Pan Shop
Joseph Steelpan
Pan 2000 & Beyond
Panland Colour Series, Chrome Series, Mid Size to Mini Pan Range, Sticks, Tips, Accessories
Sarah's Professional Pancase Centre
Steelpan Laboratory there are 6 pages, just change the sample-no. in the browser bar
Steelpan Tuning Facility Ltd.
Unique Pan Supply Trinidad
Ryo Sonobe
Susumu Muraji
Trinidad House Nagano & Tokyo
Live-Metalart Nobuya Yamaguchi
 South Africa
Steeldrums, South Africa PAN Inc.