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Mar 23, 2017
USA - In 2003, Paula Beaird started the Austin Community Steelband school in East Austin as a way to expose youths from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds to a musical world. The program, however, didn’t really find its rhythm until 2007 when other instructors came aboard from Trinidad and Tobago. The teaching staff at the time included musical directors Yohan Popwell and Leon Edwards as well as Natasha Joseph and Carl Caton. Beaird, who is the executive director, said her goal is to spark the imagination in young people the same way she was captivated by steel band over thirty years ago.

[Daily Texas]
Mar 18, 2017
USA - The Norris Cultural Arts Center continues its current "Music in the Gallery" concert series at 3 p.m., April 2, with a performance by the NIU Steel Pan Studio, a small ensemble from the internationally acclaimed NIU Steel Band. The Steel Pan Studio includes eight performers, an appropriately sized group to provide an excellent steel band experience for the Norris' intimate gallery venue. Their concert will include music from a variety of genres, all performed on custom-made steel pan instruments.

Mar 17, 2017
T&T - I thought I would get some rest after Carnival but that has turned out to be wishful thinking. On Thursday night I attended Albert Bailey’s announcement that his brother’s spirit in mas will be invoked for Carnival 2018 in the form of the Bailey Dynasty mas band. The band will be based at the historic Bailey residence on Buller Street, Woodbrook. Friday night saw me doing a double shift at the media launch of Vaughnette Bigford’s first ever CD–Born to Shine–at Kaiso Blues Cafe, followed by Massy Trinidad All Stars’ National Panorama victory celebration at its legendary Duke Street pan complex.

Mar 16, 2017
USA - Under Byron Hedgepeth’s direction, the Steely Pan Steel Band of Appalachian State University’s Hayes School of Music will perform at 3 p.m. March 26 in the Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts on campus. Admission is free. The program will boast a wide range of styles, from rock to opera. It will consist of music originally written or arranged for steel band. Hedgepeth is an adjunct instructor of percussion at Appalachian.

Mar 16, 2017
UK - Making the dreams come true of a dementia sufferer in Chertsey.. That is what happened on Wednesday (March 15) at the Orchard Dementia Centre. Vic Houghton asked for a steel drum band to come and play for her mum, Patsy, who is 68 years old. Patsy spends much of her time at The Orchard Dementia Centre, Eagle Radio's Charity of the Year.

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Mar 16, 2017
UK - Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, which recently ended its 2017 rendition, is an event as contradictory as it is extraordinary. The Conversation No mere mimicry of other such celebrations in Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, Carnival on this Caribbean island of 1.4 million people – primarily descended from enslaved Africans and Indian indentured labourers – combines African traditions with European pre-Lent festivities and Indian musical rhythms. Given this syncretism, it’s perhaps unsurprising that, over the past 200 years, Carnival has been not just two days of normal order turned upside down but also an annual expression of female political resistance.

[Huffington Post]
Mar 14, 2017
FR - Entre sons organiques et influences électroniques, Clément Bazin nous faisait déjà rêver de ses sons dansants version « club parisien ». Il revient, encore plus en forme, avec quatre titres réunis dans un même EP : « US ». Ça électrise ! Clément Bazin, c’est le parisien « à la cool » qui fait de la musique parce qu’il « kiffe ça » et que « ça rend pas mal ». Si son troisième EP intitulé « Return to Forever » (2016) et ses steeldrum caractériels nous donnaient déjà le tournis, c’est véritablement au travers de son titre « With You » que nous avons redécouvert ce producteur parisien hors du commun. Les rythmes électro ? Il les a dans la peau et les domptent à la manière d’un grand professionnel, ce qui lui a notamment valu de travailler aux côtés de l’artiste français, Woodkid et Fakear. Bref, ce petit déjà grand possède ce quelque chose qui transforme tout morceau en véritable chef-d’oeuvre électro.

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Mar 14, 2017
FR - Cinq musiciens des Ateliers du Griffon de Saint-Aubin-le-Cloud ont vécu l’un des plus grands concours de steelband à Trinidad-et-Tobago. C'est une expérience exceptionnelle qu'ont vécue les musiciens des Ateliers du Griffon à Saint-Aubin-le-Cloud. Début février, cinq d'entre eux se sont envolés avec leurs tambours d'acier sous les tropiques. Destination : Trinidad-et-Tobago, île située au large du Venezuela. Ils y sont restés trois semaines.

[La Nouvelle République]
Mar 13, 2017
UK - A dying woman’s wish to see a steel band will come true thanks to pupils from a Basingstoke school. Following an appeal on Eagle Radio, 68-year-old Patsy Houghton, who is living with dementia in Chertsey, is set to have her dream come true as Brighton Hill Community College Steel Band promised to perfor m for her. With Patsy’ s condition worsening week on week, members of the band will join her at The Orchard Dementia Centre on March 15 – just weeks after her daughter’s appeal for a group went live.

[Basing Stoke Gazette]
Mar 13, 2017
T&T - Pan Trinbago has lashed out at the National Carnival Commission (NCC), referring to it as a cabal and accusing it of staging a hostile takeover. In a lengthy and hard-hitting statement signed by public relations officer Michael Joseph and posted to Pan on the Net, the steelband body said it is the three Carnival interest groups that are under attack. “The NCC has lost its moorings as facilitator, and have created a debacle within our Carnival. Why? Because they choose to show gross disrespect to the Carnival Interest Groups. A lot of people are not seeing that it is not only Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C., but the three main interest groups in the Carnival, that are under serious attack (Afro-centric groups). Those who represent the interest of those who make the Carnival, Mas, Calypso/Chutney/Soca and the Steelpan as the foundation, are facing a hostile takeover.”


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