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Interactive D-Soprano Interactive D-Soprano Pan - Try it yourself
Roll your mouse over each note to hear its sound
D Soprano Pan
Learn the notes and play yourself.
Virtual Pan by The University of Akron Steel Drum Band
Play the Soprano Pan
This is a FREE application developed and offered
by Proudfoot Communications Ltd. in Trinidad
for you to download.

Download 1.02 MB in .zip format,
and unpack the flashpan.exe
Virtual Pan Player
Play the Double Second Pan
The does offer a set of digitally recorded double second pans which you can play with your mouse.
Play the Virtual Steelpans
  The Steelpan Tutor
A free teaching softwarte that provides a foundation for persons who would like to learn to play the soprano pan. It provides a number of exercises that utilize a visual and aural form of learning. The user becomes more familiar with the circle of fifths layout of the pan.
Dowload Steelpan Tutor software of (.exe)
Virtual Keyboard with Pan Voice
Just for kicks because it's one that features pan voice: play single notes, change the sound, add different drum beats, play around with chords. The keyboard goes from middle C to upper F. It actually isn't just random, it also shows you how sharps and flats are laid out. Using white keys only, a major scale starting on C has no sharps and no flats (C D E F G A B C). The major scale follows the whole step/half step pattern of:
Root - Whole step - Whole step - Half step - Whole step - Whole step - Whole step - Half step
Starting on D, you will find that in order to key the whole step/half step pattern, you need to add an F# and a C#. The formula for all major scales is: R W W H W W W H !
The Virtual Keyboard set on pan for you to play
Fun Stuff, Free Stuff, play games, make music online...
The Pan Men
Tenor Man, Treble Man, Bass Man and Bongo Man.
Print & Colour the characters, play memory, recipes, books, T-Shirts, all this and much more to come.
The world's first interactive pan page for kids

Steel Band Instruments Quiz
Vocabulary words for the instruments that a steel band consists of. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards.
Quizlet - Steel Band Instruments
Colour your Pan
Once upon a time, there was a very smart man named Isaac Newton (17th century). He liked to study mathematics, and did a lot of different experiments with wind, apples, and other things. Also with the sun. He has owned a prism, a piece of glass shaped like a triangle, and noticed how when the sun shone on it, he got different colours out. He made some more experiments with it, and one day he decided to denote seven colours in association with the seven notes of the musical scale. Isaac Newton sent a brief exposition of his theory of colours to the Royal Society in London: "And possibly colour may be distinguished into its principle degrees, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and deep violet, on the same ground that sound within an eight is graduated into tones." Difficult? Try it...
Colour your D Soprano Pan.pdf
Your Pan Friend the Pocket Pan

Make yourself a Pocket Pan
What you need and how to do.pdf

Visualize Major Scales on your 'pan'
See how to use the Pocket Pan.pdf
How to make a Dudup
Have a go at it! The people at explain you how.

A Trinidadian pantuner once said:
"A Dudup is in tune when it can play 'she-bumsy-stinks'."
To please your parents rather try it with:
'Potato one - potato two...' and so on...