Science and Acoustics

Secrets of the Steelpan
Unlocking the Secrets of the Science, Technology, Tuning of the Steelpan
By Anthony Achong
Steel Pan Tuning Handbook Steel Pan Tuning
A Handbook for Steel Pan Making and Tuning, by Ulf Kronman
The one and only book of its kind
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Untersuchungen zur Klangerzeugung und Klangwahrnehmung der karibischen Steeldrum Untersuchungen zur Klangerzeugung und
Klangwahrnehmung der karibischen Steeldrum

Akustische Untersuchungen der Steeldrum - Bestimmung von Klangeigenschaften - Physikalische Modellierung des Klangs mit Computermethoden - Hörversuche zur Bestimmung klanglicher Qualitätsparameter.
Aus der Serie Europäische Hochschulschriften
By Michael Steppat
  Standards & Tuning
How are Pans Made? Tuning, General description of tuning, Pan tuners are not only born - they are also mad, Maintenance, Servicing, Standard tuning/blend, Back to pitch, Repairs/re-tune, Tonal character, Standardization of Pan
Paper by Paul Francis
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  E.C.S. develops the Integrated Layout for Steelpans
Almost nothing has changed in the layouts and the naming of all the different steelpans since their 1st appearance in the 1940's in Trinidad and Tobago. This publication would like to re-new and reform this entire area.
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  Metallurgical and acoustical comparisons for a brass pan with a Caribbean steel pan standard
Journal of materials science 39 (2004)
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  Geometric note layouts for steelpans and other polyhedral idiophones
Representing the note layout as a layer of circles densely packed with triangular interstices, with the area of each circle directly proportional to its pitch frequency.
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  The Acoustical Society of America Digital Library
Providing technical articels from journals and magazines, papers and other publications. There is a search bar, try 'steelpan' and 'steel drum'
Acoustical Society of America Digital Library

  Finite Element Modelling of Steelpan Acoustics
In this paper the Finite Element Method is used to model acoustic vibrations of steelpan shells.
by D. A. Gay
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  Steel Drums to Steelpans
by Derek Gay, Department of Civil Engineering
The University of the West Indies
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  Acoustics of the steelpan: Tone generation and tuning - an introductory study of methods for measurements
by U. Kronman and E. V. Jansson
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  Dynamics of the steelpan as a musical instrument
This work presents theoretical, numerical and experimental subjects, that all are related to the steel pan as a musical instrument.
DTU bachelor project by Anders Clausen, written at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics, carried out in collaboration with the Soil, Structure and Material Mechanics Laboratory at Ecole Centrale Paris.
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  Proceedings of the International Conference
on the Science and Technology of the Steelpan
by Anthony Achong

  Hiding Pan Facts under Canopies
by Terry Joseph
Pan Myth vs Science Part 1

  Miking solo instruments
by Terry Joseph
Pan Myth vs Science Part 2

  Squabbles over standardisation
by Terry Joseph
Pan Myth vs Science Part 3

  Unite for the common pan
by Terry Joseph
Pan Myth vs Science Part 4

  Proposal for a Trinidad and Tobago Standard
Glossary of terms relating to the steel pan
Ad hoc specification committee on steel pan
Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards

  Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Hearing sensitivity among professional panists

This study of the members of two Trinidadian steel pan orchestras highlights the need for hearing conservation for these musicians.
By Scott K. Griffiths, Arlene Samaroo
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Hearing sensitivity among professional panists