Let Tobago host a Panorama final

TT – Long before she created history in becoming the first female president of Pan Trinbago on October 28, 2018, Beverly Ramsey-Moore had a sense of what to expect.

Almost two decades before, at her first official Pan Trinbago meeting in 2001, she had observed the organisation was not being run in a manner befitting its status as the world’s governing body for the steelpan.

“I realised the organisation was being run like a parlour or an informal group,” Ramsey-Moore told Sunday Newsday as she reflected on her first few months at the helm of the organisation.

“It was at that time that I began appealing to the membership that if they are to have an organisation, it must be accountable to the membership.”

Today, five months after receiving her instruments of appointment, Ramsey-Moore feels comforted by the strides her executive has made, mainly in restoring respectability to Pan Trinbago.

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