Let’s elevate status of pan

TT – Congratulations to Pan Trinbago and the World Steelpan Thrust for making August a month to remember. It is the first time that Independence Day and World Steelpan Day (August 11) were celebrated in the same month.

Because of covid19, fitting celebrations for both events were dramatically hampered by this mutating and international virus that provides challenges for all. Internationally, presidents and prime ministers have extremely difficult decisions to make, all with the intent to preserve the lives and the livelihoods of their countrymen. The misinformation and disinformation provided via social media do not help.

It is well known that the Government has chosen the scientific approach to mitigating our covid19 challenges with the World Health Organization as its pilot. A very well qualified, knowledgeable and professional team from our Ministry of Health – led by PM Rowley, who is himself a scientist – has been tirelessly at work to alleviate our predicament.

A big thank you to all. It is up to us to follow the prescribed protocols – wear our masks, wash our hands, keep our distance and get vaccinated.

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