PanFest: Feel the steel

USA – Dr. Chris Tanner pulled his pair of drumsticks from his back pocket and clicked them together to silence the cacophony in room seven in the basement of Presser Hall. It was 7:45 p.m. and the members of Miami University’s Steel Band had spent the last 15 minutes lugging blue, maroon and black steel

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Expired: Steel in Motion in Siparia

TT – Diatonic Pan Institute presents Steel in Motion on Saturday, April 22 at 6 pm along the main streets of Siparia. This single pan competition is held in conjunction with the regional corporation and that weekend’s celebration of La Divina Pastora in Siparia. The bands start from the Diatonic panyard on Mary Street head

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Bijlmer Steelband Kids grote winnaar Amsterdamse Muziekprijs 2018

NL – Een driekoppige vakjury koos zaterdagmiddag de Bijlmer Steelband Kids als grote winnaar in de categorie klassiek/wereldmuziek tot en met elf jaar. Daarnaast werden de kids gekozen als publiekslieveling en dat betekent dat ze ook nog eens de publieksprijs wonnen. De finale van De Amsterdamse Muziekprijs werd vandaag voor de 16e keer gehouden. In

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From Steelpan to Handpan (Part 2)

TT – Handpan goes global: Yesterday we explored the history of the evolution of the handpan from steelpan to its original form, the hang. Now we look at its further explosion in both manufacturing and performance. This new class of instruments that started 20 years ago by a steelpan manufacturer in Switzerland are now made

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Expired: Crellin community builds steel band for school

USA – One week of hard work by Crellin Elementary School students, faculty and parents has resulted in the construction of no fewer than 19 steel drums, now to be used at the school by music students led by teacher Heather Roth. The efforts at the school were guided by Kevin Martin, of Rock Creek

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Expired: Regrello to intervene in pan dispute

TT – San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello said he was willing to make an intervention into the dilemma between Old Tech Steel Orchestra and the San Fernando West Secondary school to bring about a win-win situation. Regrello said it was an unfortunate situation in which the Orchestra had found itself and added he was willing

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