Vanessa Headley arranges for 3 bands for Panorama 2020

TT – Vaness Headley is making pan history by possibly being the first woman to arrange for three conventional Panorama steel bands in the small, medium and large categories in the same year. Being somewhat of a pan pioneer is nothing new to Headley of San Fernando, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, as

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Small band pan semis on Saturday

TT – Small conventional steelbands from around the country that have been selected for Saturday’s semi-final round of competition had been hard at practise since last year to get one of the 14 spots up for grabs in the grand final next Friday. Saturday’s semis will see 31 bands performing in front of Victoria Square,

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Steelbands no longer allowed to change songs during competition

TT – Steelbands will no longer be allowed to change their songs during the Panorama competition. Pan Trinbago President Beverly Ramsey-Moore said on Thursday that their rules have been updated to prevent bands from changing their songs during the competition. Last year, a high court judge gave Exodus permission to change their initial song ‘Rag

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The Steelpan is featured in Alicia Keys ‘Underdog’

US – Alicia Keys is claiming 2020 in a big way! The singer added a bit of West Indian soul to her latest track titled ‘Underdog’ which features T&T national instrument; the Steelpan. Co-penned with Ed Sheeran and co-produced with Johnny McDaid (Ed Sheeran, Pink). The accompanying visual shows Keys and her posse encouraging underdogs

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Jr Panorama launch on Friday

TT – Beverly Ramsey-Moore, president of Pan Trinbago, has said the show must go on in spite of the late distribution of the organisation’s budget allocation for this year’s Carnival. She said: “We have been doing all that we’re doing without any percentage of our allocation for Carnival 2020, and this is the first time

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Lord Kitchener Quiz

CA – Roger James of is back with his annual quiz. There’s nothing to win, it’s just for fun. Try it here → Lord Kitchener Quiz.

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