Brooks Jnr wins Panograma with a Thriller

TT – Earl Brooks Jnr is the winner of the first ever Panograma solo pan competition. The final, held on Instagram on Sunday night, featured ten competitors, six of them qualifying from T&T. Other finalists represented St Maarten, Barbados and Antigua Barbuda. Four of T&T’s pan players filled the top four position. Brooks Jnr was

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Pan goes virtual at Westminster Abbey

TT – Ray Funk and Andrew Martin On March 9, Queen Elizabeth and numerous members of the Royal Family accompanied her to Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Day inter-faith celebration. Featured on the programme was the Melodians Steel Orchestra led by Terry Noel MBE who had led Melodians since 1987. They have the distinction

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Panograma final on Instagram tomorrow night

TT – As was expected, pannists of T&T dominated Thursday night’s Panograma semi-final competition, held on the Instagram platform (@iNEV88). Fifteen pannists from around the world contested the semi-final and, of the ten from T&T, six have made it into tomorrow night’s final. Topping Thursday night’s semi-final, a good four points ahead of the competition

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A passion for pan – a tribute to Frank Rollock Snr

UK – “The steel drum has something in it so that when you get into it, or it gets into you, you don’t want to play any other instrument.” Frank Rollock is a courteous, quietly spoken man whose voice still has the characteristic lilt of his native Trinidad. He is surrounded by his six grown-up

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Panograma is pan on Instagram

TT – It was back in the 80s that I was invited by the Barbados Tourist Board and National Cultural Foundation (NCF) to sit as a judge for the first steelband Panorama competition to be staged in Barbados. Accompanied by Major Eduoard Wade and Joycelyn Sealy, it was a memorable experience, sitting in the Barbados

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