Expired: Playing Pan With Samantha “Rissa Pan” Williams

JM – How did you become involved in playing the Steelpan? “My Steelpan journey started in my second year at UWI Mona. I was casually walking pass Student’s Union and I heard Bob Marley’s “Natural Mystic” being played in the panyard, which is where the UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra rehearses. I stopped and listened for

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Pan in a major way

TT – My name is Liam Teague and the steelpan made me whatever I am today. I’m originally from San Fernando. I grew up in an extremely humble background in a very problematic area, Navet Road, near Pleasantville. Only as a teenager did I realise my family was “different’ from many others. Though we didn’t

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Expired: Pan on the Move

TT – Election stories and information dominated the news on August 11. But an equally important happening on that day was World Steelpan Day. Pan Trinbago and the World Steelpan Thrust partnered to observe and celebrate the day. An event was held virtually and streamed on the thrust’s and Pan Trinbago’s Facebook pages at 4.30

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