“PAN ON THE MOVE” Performance – A Tribute to Dr. Ray Holman

TT – By Mark Loquan: As a tribute to Dr. Ray Holman, who recieved his Honorary Doctorate (D.Litt) earlier today, a documentary is to be released very, very shortly on the song, Pan on the Move, released in 1972 for Panorama as the first song composed by an arranger for Panorama, a trend which would have a ripple effect on people like Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, who would go on to compose and arrange his own tunes for decades. Ray set a trend as a 28 year old arranger back then. To complement the documentary here is the audio version, Pan on the Move, with photos by Maria Nunes (during rehearsal). Congrats
to Dr. Ray Holman on his conferral today by the University of the West Indies (UWI). What started as a simple exercise of going by Ray to learn the chords of this song out of curiosity, turned into a whole story. A joy and privilege to work with two masters, who were both recognised by UWI after the project began back around September 2020 (Boogsie – January 2021, Ray -October 2021).

This audio version is to complement the documentary being produced on Pan on the Move, the song that started it all from a then 28year old arranger, Ray Holman, doing his own original composition for Panorama. He was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of the West Indies on October 30, 2021.

“Pan On The Move” (Panorama 1972)
Composed by Ray Holman
Lyrics by Alvin Daniell

Executive Producer – Mark Loquan
Music version arranged by Mark Loquan/Dr. Ray Holman

Audio Recording
Yoichi Watanabe
Katz Imai
Location : Dr. Ray Holman’s house, Woodbrook, Port of Spain

Music Performance
Live performance
Dr. Ray Holman (Double seconds)
Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Double seconds)
Mark Loquan (Nylon string guitar)
Kenneth Clarke (Percussion)

Studio tracks
Douglas “Dougie” Redon (Upright bass)
Mark Loquan (Steel string guitar)
Etienne Charles (Cajón)
Kenneth Clarke (added percussion)
Dr. Ray Holman (Bottle and spoon)
Dr. Ray Holman/Mark Loquan (Vocals)

Mixing and Mastering
Mixed by Yoichi Watanabe
Mastered by Martin “Mice” Raymond

Photographs were taken at rehearsal by Maria Nunes

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