Pan room unveiled at Immortelle Children’s Centre for Special Education

TT – The sweet sounds of pan emanated from the Immortelle Children’s Centre for Special Education which signified the opening of the new Pan Room at the facility on November 21. The extraordinary $30,000 project enables the special school to incorporate pan music as part of their curriculum and therapy.

Speaking at the opening CEO of the Immortelle Children’s Centre for Special Education Jacqui Leotaud was pleased to see one of the visions for the centre become a reality, as she reflected on how beneficial the arts were for persons with disabilities.

Through funding received from the Digicel Foundation, under its Extraordinary Projects Impacting Communities Programme (EPIC) the centre was able to utilise a space to establish a pan room outfitted with air condition unit, shelving, flooring and sound insulation, where the children can be tutored and practise on the pans to their hearts’ delight.

Music teacher Martina Chow shared her thoughts on the value of music and the students’ musical development. She questioned, “Why not have music education for all?” She revealed that music has an undeniable power that builds confidence, improves memory, teaches discipline and it stimulates several parts of the brain which engage us in all ways that nothing else can.

Bringing remarks on behalf of CEO Digicel Foundation Penny Gomez was project coordinator Lynelle Callender who conveyed huge congratulations to the management and staff of the centre on opening the Pan Room. She also expressed that she was happy to see the students embracing their culture and would like to see more young people doing the same.