‘Panomundo’ explores steelpan on 4 continents

USA – The influence of Trinidad & Tobago’s steel pan music has been grossly under-documented. The history of the instrument and its impact on the world community seems to be under-reported and only partially documented until now.

Introducing “Panomundo” the second and final installment of a series, which explores its global reach to — Japan, Nigeria, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Continuing from a 42-minute preview which explored the Evolution of the Steel Pan, two documentarians of this project traveled to six geographical locations to further expand on the impact of the unique Caribbean-born instrument.

“We traveled to six countries because we wanted to document the impact the music has had in jazz, classical, Latin and other music,” producer Charysse Tia Harper explained.

“How it has helped people suffering with Down Syndrome and Aspergers Syndrome as well as how the Nigerians have implemented its use with regard to military discipline.”

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