PanTrinbago: Be prepared to give up something

TT – Pantrinbago’s financial troubles are far from over.

Speaking at the official opening of the organisation’s office, at the corner of Duke and Melbourne Streets, president Beverly Ramsey-Moore said as manager of Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra in Tobago, she too has had to tell her 90 players who performed for Panorama 2018, that PanTrinbago does not have the funds to pay players.

And, she said, it does not look possible for 2019.

Ramsey-Moore said the organisation moved from an allocation of $30 million to $20 million, and the executive cannot continue to put the organisation in debt.

“We are appealing to our member bands, speak to your players just as I have done as a manager that we are all in this together. Somebody has to give. If we have to maintain our price structure and if we have to ensure we satisfy our members, then they too must come up with resourceful ways of servicing their players.

“We have a commitment to member bands, the member bands have a commitment to their players. We cannot do it at this time. If we continue to do that, then we will not be able to get out of the dark and slippery hole that we are in.”

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