Party Start for Phase II

TT – After making a promise to play Pan By Storm in tribute to the late pannist extraordinaire Ken “Professor” Philmore, Phase II Pan Groove arranger Len “Boogsie” Sharpe has opted to go with Party Start (Doi Doi) by Swappi and The Ultimate Rejects for this year’s Panorama.

Sharpe made a similar switch last season, when after priming up supporters for Nailah Blackman’s Sokah, he dropped the song and chose Kees Dieffenthaller’s Hello.

At Phase II’s launch of its 2019 choice on Friday night, Sharpe said he felt stronger “vibes” for Party Start.

“It was an emotional time when I made that statement. I even started it (Pan By Storm) but when I heard Party Start it changed my mind, body and soul. It came just like last year when I changed from playing Nailah’s song to Hello. It’s all about the vibes.”

Philmore’s widow, Sophia, supported Sharpe’s decision.

“I know Boogsie had all good intention to do Pan By Storm but it just was not practical. With all those bands playing the latest party songs he did the best thing to switch, and I love that song, Party Start, so I will be going down to the panyard very soon to hear them play it.”

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