Expired: Regrello to intervene in pan dispute

TT – San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello said he was willing to make an intervention into the dilemma between Old Tech Steel Orchestra and the San Fernando West Secondary school to bring about a win-win situation.

Regrello said it was an unfortunate situation in which the Orchestra had found itself and added he was willing to provide any assistance he could to ensure there was an amicable settlement.

Regrello said yesterday that the victims in this whole scenario were the national instrument and the young players who might be looking for an opportunity, wanting to expand their growth and development of the art form.

“Anything we could do as the city, we would to help. I propose to have a discussion with Mr Sean Ramsey to see if anything can be done on our end. It is a very sensitive matter and has to be handled from a different perspective.”

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