Rowley regrets inability to play pan

TT – The Prime Minister says his inability to play pan remains one of his lasting regrets.

Dr Rowley made the statement Wednesday at the launch of the Alutech Research and Development Facility at the Tamana InTech Park, Wallerfield.

He was responding to a musical interlude in which three shoolgirls from a Seventh-Day Adventist School in Sangre Grande played one of the country’s national songs on pan.

“When I was their age, I went to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church as a boy and I was banned from those things,” he told the gathering.

“I could not go into the panyard and I could not be known to even aspire to be a panman, because those adults of the time, who were raising me, they knew all that had to be known, and they knew that I had to be kept away from that, because that was the Devil’s work.”

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