Santa Maria RC produces nation builders

TT – Nestled between old cocoa estates and teak fields which once flourished, Santa Maria RC School in Moruga continues to churn out future nation builders.

Barely known nationwide, and with a population of 54 students, this 63-year-old school in Santa Maria Village has endured and withstood many challenges.

Like resilient people, it has made the best of its situations.

At home at Penal Rock Road since September 1956, the school’s condition became deplorable in the past few years. Bat droppings, faulty and outdated electrical outlets, cramped spaces and overall dilapidated infrastructure, but staff never stopped classes.

But after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked TT last year on August 21, the building was damaged and officials deemed it a health and safety hazard. For weeks there were no classes until the MP, Dr Lovell Francis, offered to house staff and students at his constituency office in the community of Bois Jean Jean in October, 2018. The Education Ministry provides transportation free of charge to the students.

Principal Geneieve Francis said the school always tried to exemplify its motto, “The will does it.”

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