Skeete speaks on resignation

GD – Former President of the Grenada Steel Bands Association (GSA) Jason Skeete believes that he has grown to become a much stronger individual as a result of the treatment meted out to him during his tenure at the helm of the organisation.

Skeete, who served as the organisation’s President since October 14, 2017, tendered his resignation last week Tuesday, ahead of moves by the Keith Mitchell-led government to set up an interim body to run the affairs of the body ahead of biannual elections in September.

“I took time so I searched myself and I looked at everything and I made a conscious decision after much deliberation”, he told THE NEW TODAY when quizzed on his decision to call it a day with GSA.

In an exclusive interview last week Thursday with this newspaper, Skeete said, he is “tired of having to expend so much” of himself in the name of pan only to be rejected and continually attacked personally by the same people who benefit from his hard work.

“I am tired, I am exhausted and (the reason is) not because of anything else other than (because) people are attacking me personally.

I am tired of spending my time trying to do something good and the same people who benefit, attack me. I am tired, I am tired of having to expend so much money with no gratitude,” he added.

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