Solve Pan Trinbago’s pandemic delay

TT – Beverly Ramsey-Moore came to the presidency of Pan Trinbago three years ago amid much fanfare as the steelband body’s first woman president.
She sailed into the position declaring that her mission was to restore trust and confidence within the pan fraternity following the debacle of a predecessor administration dogged by management confusion and allegations of financial impropriety.

As her term comes to its constitutional end this month, trust and confidence are two elements in short supply in Ramsey-Moore’s stewardship, now convulsed by resignations, public airings of complaints about her leadership, and anger over delaying the elections.

On Friday, a second member of Pan Trinbago’s executive resigned, citing a lack of confidence in Ramsey-Moore’s leadership. In his strongly-worded letter, Gerard Mendez said the last straw for him was “the president’s underhand and subversive means to remain in power by denying the membership their constitutional rights to choose their leaders in the due elections”.

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