Stand up for pan

TT – There is a growing misconception that pan isn’t a part of the 2019 Carifesta being held in Trinidad and Tobago, which is the reason why “Pan Trinbago vex with Culture Minister”.

Let the air now be officially clear that pan is very alive and will be part of Carifesta 2019.

However, the air should also be cleared on what is really the issue at hand. The tension stems from the blatant disrespect shown to Pan Trinbago and the pan body as a whole within the past few months by the line minister.

It was never the intention of the executive of Pan Trinbago to start a war with the Minister of Culture or the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. As a matter of fact, the president of Pan Trinbago was adamant about keeping the peace. There were days when members of the fraternity such as Oswald Alexander and Gregory Lindsay, among others, were ready to defend the central executive against the powers that be when Pan Trinbago was going through trying times but again, the president insisted that things could have been resolved peacefully.

So it begs the question: how did we get here?

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