Steelpan web documentary series A Better Tomorrow: Kareem Brown premieres Friday

TT – Mark Loquan premieres a new six-part steelpan web documentary series on his YouTube channel on October 8. A couple months into the onset of the covid pandemic last year Loquan was inspired to write a new song called A Better Tomorrow.

Loquan said “it was in the midst of covid, there was George Floyd, things were happening in Sea Lots, there was a lot of chaos worldwide. The genesis of the song was about how to still continue to be positive by lifting up yourself and lifting up others to create a better tomorrow.”

The song then evolved into the idea of creating a documentary on pannist/arranger/composer Kareem Brown who Loquan has worked closely with for many years. “Our journeys have been intertwined since we played together in Skiffle Bunch in the World Steelband Festival in 2000, to Pan in Education and the Music Literacy Trust, to scoring my compositions.

“I’ve seen Kareem grow. His story is worth telling. It’s a perfect example of how you can overcome challenges to create better for yourself, and for others. I wanted to tell the story of someone I admire in the pan world because that’s where I’m focused.”

The six-part documentary series was produced and directed by Maria Nunes for Loquan. Each episode is ten-12 minutes long with a new episode being released on YouTube every Friday

starting with the premiere, October 8.