Expired: Teague to play in Ramajay II

TT – Professor Liam Teague returns home this weekend to headline a concert being staged by QLife Promotions titled Ramajay II, scheduled for July 14 Under The Trees at The Normandie in St Ann’s.

He will be joined by veteran jazz pianist, Clive “Zanda” Alexander, extempo champion, Myron B and veteran calypsonian and former culture minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters with MC Willard “Relator” Harris to complete a cast of musicians and chantwells.

Teague is head of pan studies at Northern Illinois University (NIU), where he also directs the renowned NIU Steelband. The recipient of an NIU Presidential Research, Scholarship and Artistry Professor Award, he has also won a number of notable competitions such as the TT National Steelband Festival Solo Championship and the Saint Louis Symphony Volunteers Association Young Artist competition. Teague’s commitment to demonstrating the musical possibilities of the pan has taken him around the globe and earned him many awards, including: the Humming Bird National Award (Silver) and the Ansa McAL Caribbean Award for Excellence.

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