Expired: Tobago steelbands ready for Panorama

TT – Steelband officials in Tobago are pressing on with preparations for Panorama despite the challenges.

While some blamed the non-payment of players’ remittances and cutbacks in sponsorship for a lack of interest in participating, others were optimistic.

Mc Nicols Nicholson, manager of the medium band Carib Dixieland, said the non-payment of stipends had cast a dim light over its preparations.

“We have been complaining about players and the non-payment of stipends for 2018 and 2019. That is causing a lot of problems all over the place where some players say they not even playing,” he told Newsday.

Nicholson said some players were also “moving from band to band.”

“It is a chaotic situation and our band is going just like the rest. We have the same kinds of problems like the others.”

Nicholson also claimed sponsorship of bands on the island was not what it used to be.

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