Trinidad and Tobago/US My Home pan video collab for Independence

TT – Veteran pan composer Mark Loquan has partnered with musician Etienne Charles, photographer Maria Nunes, and a US team for a video project of his nation-building song My Home to be released for Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence Day. TT marks its 59th Independence anniversary on August 31.

Loquan spoke about the song and the project in a behind-the-scenes video entitled My Home: Building Bridges with the Steelpan that was uploaded to YouTube last week.

“The story behind My Home is kind of a personal story in terms of what we do as a people, as individuals. I didn’t call this song ‘our home’ I called this song ‘my home’. I tried to make it a bit more individual to you and your story. I guess my story was more a fusion of all these experiences outside of Trinidad and in Trinidad and hearing people talk about our country and talk about our instrument and our music.”

He explained it is a more instrumental piece of music “but there are words coming in and out” and the words have to do with how we build a future and how we shape this place we call our home. The lyrics for the song include the lines “let us work together to secure a future,” “think about the children, a new generation,” “all ah we is one” and “my home TT.”

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