Fire and Steel by Judy Stone

The story is about a boy who sees a steel band, endangered by fire.

The Adventures of the Magic Steelpan – How Grandpa Conks Got His Name by Leanna Williams

This is an enchanting fairy tale set in the island of Trinidad. The twin adventurers Nathan and Natasha uncover the extraordinary story behind their grandfather’s nickname. Curiosity gives way to wonder as the magical secret of a very special steelpan is revealed

Ping Pong P-Pan by Barbara Applin

Mysterious sounds come from the shed where the school’s steel band pans are stored. This text is taken from a series that is a collection of stories, rhymes and fact books for school libraries and reading at home. The series moves on from stories told in simple sentences with basic grammatical structures (HOP), through freer use of language (STEP) to the level of reading reached at the end of Primary School (JUMP).

The Steel Band by Wendy Green

The History of the Steel Band by Verna Allette Wilkins and Michael La Rose

The story begins in Trinidad, in the Caribbean, where the people first begin to use all kinds of metal objects to make music. They collected a wide variety of assorted tins and shaped them and tuned them until they were turned into musical instruments. From Trinidad, the mighty steel orchestra has spread across the world. Includes a CD of Sterling’s Angels (children’s steel band led by Pan Maestro Sterling Betancourt) playing a range of music.

PanMan presents: The Sweet Sound of Steel by Tarquin Lougheide

Our story begins many years ago in the city of Port of Spain. A ten-year old boy named Winston loves beating his biscuit tin, but his Mother doesn’t like the noise. Every day, Winston sneaks away for hours to practice playing. But then one day, his tin goes missing! Winston searches everywhere for his little red biscuit tin but it’s nowhere to be found. Winston is sad that he can’t find his tin, but then something surprising happens. To find out what happens, you’ll have to read the storybook.

PanMan presents: The Sweet Sound of Steel Colouring Book by Tarquin Lougheide

Enjoy colouring beautiful black and white drawings about a ten-year old boy named Winston who loves beating his biscuit tin, but his Mother doesn’t like the noise. Every day, Winston sneaks away for hours to practice playing. But one day, his tin goes missing! Winston searches everywhere for his little red biscuit tin but it’s nowhere to be found. Winston is sad that he can’t find his tin, but then something surprising happens.

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The Steel Pan Man of Harlem by Colin Bootman

A mysterious man appears in Harlem and promises to rid the city of its rats by playing the steel pan, in a retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin set during the Harlem Renaissance.

The Steel Band by Roderick Hunt

Oxford Reading Tree: Level 3: First Sentences. Enables children to practise phonics whilst learning to read.

Boy Boy and the Magic Drum by Machel Montano

One day Boy Boy is wandering about at a garbage site in T&T when he stumbles across an old man making music on a discarded oil drum from The Factory, and he marvels at the incredible sounds emanating from this piece of steel! T&T provides a backdrop for this warm, engaging tale of recycling and a child’s dream of making music on his magic drum, a steelpan.

The Boy Boy and the Magic Drum book was a component of the 2009 series, which included a children’s concert and a composition for the National Panorama 2009 finalists, Phase II Pan Groove.

Pan Round by Barbara Porter

A Steel Drum Curriculum for Elementary Schools. An excellent instructional resource for using Pans within the classroom. Each song was chosen with purpose to teach many concepts including: one more musical concepts, valid to quality music instruction, suitable for elementary children, relevant to the music and history of the West Indies. All of the songs have been used successfully in the classroom.

Poco a Poco: Step by Step by Salah A. Wilson

This is a simple beginner’s music theory book designed with children in mind but well adapted for adults.
It is a progressive step in learning music theory. This volume 1 is prepared for the earlier grades. It offers an illustrated approach to learning music with the use of Steelpan instruments. The basic rudiments are arranged in a sequential user-friendly manner so as to encourage the students to think and act, while the practical applications on the Pans are an easy follow through. We have presented the information in a systematic yet comprehensive format by introducing a concept and then its application.

Melodies For the Mini C-Pan – Music notated by Merle Albino De Coteau, Melodies performed by Dane Gulston

This interactive, play-along CD and booklet packet enables full use of the
Mini C-Pan, via scores, notations, and audio accompaniment. Excellent for children and beginner adults. No previous knowledge of music or the steelpan necessary

Caribbean Steel Pan Book by Andy Gleadhill

Andy Gleadhill’s Caribbean Steel Pan Book. Andy Gleadhill’s Caribbean Steel Pan Book was written by professional percussionist and educator Andy Gleadhill. It shows other educators key ways to getting their students interested in the joy of playing steel pans. The book features songs and exercises that can be used with any steel pan instrument. But since this is meant for educators, Gleadhill utilizes the Jumbie Jam steel pan, a popular, affordable instrument used in many classrooms. He uses the same successful approach that introduced hundreds of generalist teachers to African drumming, Indonesian gamelan, Brazilian samba and other world music styles in his other educational guides. The book takes you through basic techniques, warm-up exercises, and covers all the elements of music via 10 weekly lessons. This will help teachers and students to rapidly grasp all they need to know and be able to play a variety of steel pan pieces. Video clips are available online to further demonstrate techniques and pieces covered in the book.

Pandemonium Rules! ORFF Instrument Arrangements of Steel Band Music by Deborah Fischer Teason and Gage Averill

Fire up your Orff ensemble with this hot introduction to the steel band tradition of Trinidad, via Pandemonium, a Wesleyan University-based steel band and one of the best in the US!

Pandemonium Rules! features authentic steel band pieces scored for Orff instruments. The authors join forces with Pandemonium Steel Band to bring you the sound, the sense and the excitement of pan for your Orff-based music classroom.

With additional contributions to the cultural and historical context by Mackie Burnette, director of the Brown University Trinidadian Steel Band Ensemble and a well-known Trinidadian pan man, you’ll have all you need to fill your students in on the development of steel bands in the Caribbean, and the thriving pan scene around the world today.

Give them the context, then let them loose on the music with their Orff instruments! The sound is irresistible… your class will fly to their xylophones, ready to swing!

Steel Drumming at the Apollo: The Road to Super Top Dog by Trish Marx

Ahmel, Aaron, Spencer, Dayshawn, Andre, Steven, Dha’Sean. Seven remarkable musicians in the Hamilton Hill Steel Drum Band. Seven high school friends who came together for the journey of a lifetime. In January 2005 talent scouts from the world famous Apollo Theater came to Schenectady, New York, the boys’ hometown. After beating out the competition there, the band went on to New York City to battle the best amateur acts in the country in front of the boisterous Apollo Amateur Night audiences. The competition got tougher; but, with their unique sound, the seven friends ignited the crowds into thunderous approval time after time. By December they had made it to the final face-off, the Super Top Dog show. Could the band now drum their way to the top? Filled with the thrill of competition, the elation of winning, and the passion of pursuing a dream, Steel Drumming at the Apollo is a celebration of the power of music to unite and excite us all.

The Steel Band by John Bartholomew

A review of stelband music in schools, and the history of pan.

Pop, Rock and Ethnic Music in School by Graham Vulliamy and Ed Lee

Cambridge University Press; 1st edition (April 30, 1982)