Claire’s Workbook: Music Theory & Exercises by Eros & Claire Mungal

This intermediate edition features the republication of the music of two National Songs of Trinidad and Tobago since independence August 31st, 1962: Marjorie Padmore’s “God Bless Our Nation” and Kathleen Piper’s “Our Nation’s Dawning”, the former also presented in an easy-to-play arrangement. Theory of Music up to and including Grade 5 as well as certain requirements of the CSEC® music syllabus. This updated edition now has many additional songs including Brahm’s Lullaby for young people, “Pony Trot” for the recorder and Caribbean songs including “Brown girl in the Ring” and “Yellowbird”. More advanced pieces included in this edition are excerpts of the popular Beethoven’s “Für Elise” and “Moonlight Sonata” with “Schubert’s Serenade” in specially simplified arrangements in easy-to-play keys.
This edition includes a Steelpan supplement with a specially written foreword by Liam Teague, Associate Professor of Music at Northern Illinois University.

Hal Leonhard Steelpan Method by Liam Teague

This easy-to-use beginner’s guide takes players through the basics of the instrument and its technique. The accompanying audio includes demonstration tracks for all the examples in the book. The method covers: stance, holding the mallets, types of strokes, tone production and volume control, stickings, rolls, scales, calypsos, many songs and exercises, basic music reading, steel pan anatomy and maintenance, steelpan history, and more.​

The Complete Method for Steelband by Ross McGinnis

The “Complete Method For Steelband” series is a collection of comprehensive, exhaustive textbooks that cover virtually every aspect involved in becoming an accomplished steel pan player and group by employing a well-crafted approach employs a hands on methodology. Volume I for Tenor/Lead, Double Second, Triple Cello, and Six Bass.​

Classroom Series by David Knapp & Adam Grisé

Designed for the beginning steel band classroom. Student text book, teacher’s manual, and instrument packs for everyday classroom rehearsal.

Beginning Steel Drum by Othello Molineaux

A complete method for learning to play lead steel drum. World-renowned steel drum artist Othello Molineaux has developed a concise method for the novice or experienced musician. Perfect for individual study or classroom use, this method comes complete with an accompaniment CD and a full-size practice poster.​

Pan Steel Drums Made Easy: Basics For Beginners by Harry Best

Every new student of the Cycle of Fifths lead steelpan should begin with this simple and insightful instruction book. The Lead steelpan is completely de-mystified in four easy sessions. Twelve key exercises and drills with guided sticking will help you gain full facility around the instrument in the shortest possible time. Begin the fun of playing tunes immediately!

Teach Yourself to Play the Tenor Pan by Sherman Fyfe

An introductory guide to the tenor pan (soprano, 4th/5th).
Trains the beginner to use hands, eyes and ears to attain
competency in playing simle tunes on their own.

Teach Yourself to Play the Double Tenor Pan by Sherman Fyfe

A pictorial guide to playing the double tenor pan (soprano). The book is divided into three sections that look at the instrument, the major scales and chord construction. Includes a brief history of the steel band movement.

Teach Yourself to Play the Double Second Pan by Sherman Fyfe

Gives an insight into the Double Second Pan (alto) by tracing its evolution from a single second twenty years ago. The book explores the major scales, chords, strumming and sticking.

Teach Yourself to Play Advanced Pan by Sherman Fyfe

A complete guide to pan playing for the intermediate and advanced player. Divided into seven sections, incl. the music alphabet, time, major scales, strumming and sticking. Provides guidance for the ensemble/small steel band.

Steelpan Playing with Theory by Salah A. Wilson

A simple, hands-on, practical and theoretical approach to learning music with Steelpan instruments.
The book is designed to be user-friendly, step by step in learning music with the pans as the principal instruments. It is arranged in progressive stages to accommodate the different levels of students. It is ideally set up for the person with no prior experience of music or the Steelpan. It is also a teacher’s manual complete with exercises both theoretical and practical at the end of each chapter.

The Steelpan Teacher’s Manual by Salah A. Wilson

A practical resource handbook, that is a supplement to the Text Book “Steelpan Playing With Theory” by Salah A. Wilson. The Teacher’s Manual is that guide which will enable the individual teacher to show and explain in detail the process of teaching music with the Text Book. It is a class by class breakdown of running a steelpan program in a public or private school. This is based on the practical experiences of the author teaching in the public and private sector for more than 25 years. This book will enable the teacher to set up a structure to produce exams in theory and practical works. The result will be a graded program. There are two additional supplementary books that goes along with this package. A “Homework & Exercises” book and a “Practical & Technique” book. These two books provide additional material for extra work in Theory and Practical for the enthusiastic student.
It is the author’s hope that these books will ensure that proper music literacy will go hand in hand with learning to play the Steelpan.

How to play the Soprano Pan from D by Jimi Phillip

This aide for the conventional High-D Tenor Pan is very useful for the would-be pannist, and students of music. It is very well structured, simple and easy to follow. Popular text for introductory courses in music education, which features exercises on scales, chords and arpeggios. Contents include: steelpan indroduction, music theory, dynamics, major & minor scales, major & minor chords, technique exercises, music scores.

The Art of Steel Pan: Double Seconds (Alto) Pan Book 1 Beginners by Gay Magnus

A comprehensive method for beginner steel pan.

Play Pan by Terry Noel and Jill Scarfe

Learn music the steel pan way.

The Steel Band Game Plan by Chris Tanner

The Steel Band Game Plan: Strategies for Starting, Building, and Maintaining Your Pan Program, the first comprehensive resource devoted to steel band pedagogy, is a must-have for anyone involved in the steel band idiom today. Written primarily for educators, The Steel Band Game Plan addresses a wide variety of topics, including instrumentation, personnel, basic pan technique, repertoire, and rehearsal strategies. This informative text addresses a sore need among the community of pan: the need for a thorough treatment of topics regarding the successful implementation and development of a steel band program. The style is user-friendly, and anyone who desires to start a steel band program, or who is currently directing one, will find it accessible and enlightening. It’s a one-stop resource for a wide variety of information—from guidelines on major decisions such as what instruments to purchase, to helpful tips for getting the most out of your rehearsals. Simply put, The Steel Band Game Plan is a book that no steel band director can afford to be without.

So You Want To Start A Steel Pan Band by Char Lusk

Tips to avoid some of the perils, pitfalls and potholes in the road to your steel band success. Subjects covered include: items to clarify with your pan maker, pan names, patterns and ranges, preparation and maintenance of pans and equipment, set up and safe handling, storage and transportation, repair, rehearsal and performance, curriculum and grading, basic music arranging, the engine room, resources, historical information.

Pan Rhythm by Phil Hawkins

Rhythmic Training for Pan Players: Whole Body Movement, read and notate rhythm, develop techniques for groove, strumming exercises, improve your weak hand, drumset and percussion patterns for steelband.

Kaiso Koncepts by Michael Low Chew Tung

A modern approach to playing calypso music. Learn to play calypso music, study calypso rhythms and phrasing, lessons in calypso syncopation and appreciation.

The Latin Real Book by Sher Music Co.

This 550 page book is the first professional-level Latin fakebook ever published. It features the best classic and contemporary Salsa, Latin-Jazz and Brazilian music, and includes detailed arrangements of tunes exactly as performed by Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Milton Nascimento, Cal Tjader, Ruben Blades, Ray Barretto, Andy Narell, Toninho Horta, The Fania All Stars, Cetia Cruz, Irakere, Arsenio Rodrigues, Tom Jobim, Ivan Lins, Mario Bauza, Los Van Van, Djavan and many others. Available in C, Bb and Eb versions.