Expired: Fed up of disrespect

TT – Pan Trinbago President Beverly Ramsey-Moore has warned the public that the organisation, the local governing body for the steelpan, will not be insulted.

She also feels Pan Trinbago still has to “fight up” to get support from governmental and private institutions to carry out some of its activities.

Addressing the ninth instalment of a monthly lecture series, hosted by the Tobago Writers’ Guild and Tobago Library Services on Thursday at the Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra Pan Theatre, Black Rock, Ramsey-Moore took to task people who persist in saying Pan Trinbago is too dependent on the government.

“No longer are we going to be insulted, because pan is yours. Always remember that. Pan is yours. It is not only Pan Trinbago’s,” she told the audience, which included Pan Trinbago executive members, Tobago steelband officials and founding members of Katzenjammers.

Recalling panmen were once frowned upon in the early development of the instrument, Ramsey-Moore wondered if this is still the case.

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