Fonclaire set to take social media by storm

TT – Darren Sheppard, managing director of the NLCB Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, is known to be a no-nonsense man with a big heart and far-reaching vision.

He and the band weathered the storm of the 1990 National Panorama controversy when they were bypassed for the title with their rendition of Pan by Storm.

Now they are enduring another type of storm with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Sheppard, the band is facing up to this latest challenge “knowing that surviving as a creative community under these conditions will be no small task, and still acknowledging the band’s ability as being part of a movement to revitalise and reform their physical community.”

He said he and other members of the Fonclaire management team are committed to the task of reconnecting the band with its community in various ways, including via social media.

In that regard, their motto: Fonclaire Forever—takes on greater meaning as they set about on the task of “re-energising our existing audience and family, while also welcoming and encouraging new budding enthusiasts” following the launch of taking the #SocialsbyStorm on social media on July 5.

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